Experimental, ambient, electronic and noise from Copenhagen and beyond......



skr-022 CAM "Mirror confrontations"

skr-021 CAM "True or false ?"

skr-020 Claus Poulsen "Splinter chamber"

skr-019 Star Turbine "Friction ceremony"

skr-018 Sindre Bjega "Decomposer"

skr-017 Claus Poulsen "Collected Dreams"

skr-016 Star Turbine "Alterations"

skr-015 Peter Dobronyi "Alt om lidt"

skr-014 -i Snor "The Wolf project"

skr-013 F L A K "No. 1"

skr-011 Small Things on Sundays "Searching For"

skr-010 Star Turbine "Broken Chords & brittle melodies"

skr-009 Audionauts "Playing space shuttles"

skr-008 Star Turbine "Gravity"